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Smart Samsung provide their own unlock keys!

I ♥ my new Samsung Galaxy S, and now from learning I can unlock it for free has made me ♥ it even more!

I first discovered that a firmware update (Froyo) and a software update (for Kies) were available and started off by just doing the norm. Then by off chance got directed through a few gadget news type websites and discovered this YouTube video that talks you through it! What makes it even better, you actually do a lot less than what the guy in the video does, well at least that’s how it worked for me.

He links through to the guys who have made this all possible. They show on a forum a guide on how to use their script they created to search the phone for the unlock code that is stored on the device itself. Yep that’s right, Samsung provided the unlock codes on their phones. At the time the guy made the video, the script had to be installed to be used on a PC/Mac with the handset connected. However the script now exists as an app in the Android Marketplace. They have a QR barcode that acts as a hyperlink so you can use the handset to scan and find the app directly (to scan barcodes an app is required). The app will find the codes for you and provides a function to send it in an email, or you could just use the old fashioned way and quickly take note of it with a pen. Going back to the forum’s guide they then show you how to use your unlock code by either with or without using a different SIM card. Simple as!

Important: These methods are now being made obsolete, so new handset owners might have to use an updated method in order to retrieve your code. This also applies if you have updated your phone to Froyo 2.2 and your handset is not rooted (unbranded to stock Android firmware). Keep looking at the second link, for developments.

Now if only unbranding was as simple as a few clicks! ☺

So I realised…

… that i don’t blog. Whether that’s down to me still not deciding what to blog about. Not feeling all that confortable about publicising thoughts/feelings. Because i’m a man, and thus lazy, multi-tasked incapable, easily distracted…

Sorry a fly flew into my line of sight and I persued it. Anyhow, it’s all those things.

I can plan to type into this thing more often, however much I already know that’s doomed to fail. I just have too many things to be getting on with and endlessly putting them off as I go off on a tangent on another idea or scheme or website. “Oh haven’t poked him in a while.. ‘click’.”

So yeah. It’s after 4:30am. I’m going to get a drink and watch black books.

Cause i’m uncool like that.

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